Rock the Bells
By Ashleigh Kast
Montville, NJ
A Senior RKC from Seoul, Korea once said that lifting heavy stuff above your head is the secret to happiness in life. I believe this is true.
Learn. Lift. Run. That's what Ashleigh Kast wants to do. In that pursuit, Ashleigh has gathered numerous certifications, workshop hours, and some really great expert friends. To help her clients maximize their strength gains, she has muscled through RKC I and II Russian Kettlebell Challenges. To get them moving better, she implements the FMS Functional Movement Screen. And to help runners get faster, Ashleigh has studied sprinting and mechanics with Olympic and collegiate coaches. In her spare time, Ashleigh trains for triathlons, strength challenges, or power-lifting gains, depending on the season. No matter the year or current focus, she considers herself a runner at heart.
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