Brooklyn Bad Ass
By Bryan "Brooklyn Bad Ass" Ortiz

As seen on NBC,featured in NY Daily News,Max Sports Fitness, Muscular Development, Jet Set & The Knot Magazines. In the fight against flab, Bryan "The Brooklyn Bad Ass" Ortiz is that boxing trainer, nationally published celebrity fitness expert with over 8 years of experience in your corner barking encouragement. Nobody knows what experimental lab Ortiz was created in. Nor do they know what gene splicing enabled a drill sergeant to be combined with Bruce Lee and Yoda, but what they created was one bad-ass fitness instructor who ensures you get the absolute most from your workouts. No matter what your fitness level, Bryan and his team of instructors will work with you throughout the intense personal training & bad ass body camp sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals. The exercises are intense and designed to give you results, so the workout isn't for the mentally weak. In other words, you should show up to your session ready to work what butt you may have butt off - literally. Bryan "The Brooklyn Bad Ass" Ortiz was made in a lab, but the new you with the rock hard body will be made from sweat, guts, and a lot of hard work. You won't do it alone because you got the Brooklyn Bad Ass in your corner!

QUOTE:  Train Like A Bad Ass Or Don't Train At All!
FUN FACT:  Die hard Bon Jovi fan who's seen almost 50 shows since 2000 & appeared in 2 videos with them: Misunderstood & Have A Nice Day



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