The DREAM Workout
By Dina Williams

Dina has been immersed in the fitness culture and industry for over 25 years. She lives to share what she has learned with everyone she encounters. She has trained the gamut of physical abilities from Olympic gold medalists and professional dancers to kids with special needs, those suffering with obesity and senior citizens! She has won several titles competing in bodybuilding, fitness and figure and bikini from 1989 to present. She has been featured twice in "Women's Physique World" magazine and has done promotional modeling for a variety of companies. She and her family own and operate Five-Star, a 20,000 sq ft. artistic sports facility in East Rockaway, New York where they have been pioneers in their support of underground sports such as Martial Arts Tricking and Parkour/Free Running.

QUOTE:  "Fear of what you think you can't become will stop you, however courage in what you desire to become, will keep you going".
FUN FACT:  Dina has competed and won her class in Body-building, Figure, Fitness and Masters Division in the same show!!!



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