Marine Fusion
By Eddy Sanchez

I fell in love with fitness very young and immediately began to share my enthusiasm and energy with others. As a native New Yorker, I continue to share my joy of fitness within the community, but hope to branch out and inspire an increasing number of people.

My love of fitness began at the ripe age of 10, when my mother bought me my first set of free weights and I have only continued to nurture my increasing desire to stay fit, healthy and happy. At age 14 I joined my first gym with family members. It was here where I found out that fitness could be more than just a hobby and became interested in a career in personal training. At age 17, I became a US Marine and learned that discipline and consistency were the key to success. While in the Marines, I had combat training and eventually moved on to teach.

After the Marine Corps, I started working part-time as an independent trainer in various gyms in New York and California. In 2007, I became a permanent new Yorker and made personal training a full-time job. I started teaching my own Marine Fusion class in the spring off 2007 in a few gyms in NYC.

In October of 2009 I opened EPhysique, my own personal training studio in the Upper East Side. My first bootcamp, situated in Central Park was a huge success, capturing 1100 sales in one day. I plan to continue branching out to eventually own a chain of gyms, and make myself and my gym a franchise. I would like to make videos, a book and eventually my own sports clothing line.

I've been fit my entire life and I want everyone to benefit from my many years of experience. Over the years I've been certified through NASM, ACE, ISMA, and a few others. But it's not the certification that makes me a great trainer, it's my experience and personality that makes me stand out from the rest.

QUOTE:  "A long time ago, I learned that fitness is a lifestyle, not a passing trend." So live it well, or consider yourself out of style."
FUN FACT:  I lost 50 pounds to compete in a Physique bodybuilding competition in less than 3 months.



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