Muscle In Motion
By Gino Caccavale

Gino Caccavale believes that the key to any health and fitness goal is dedication of time, commitment of mind and heart, and willingness to work. Gino was not always the epitome of health and fitness inspiration. Growing up in an Italian family that subsisted on macaroni, meatballs and Italian pastry, he spent many formative years struggling with some of the most common impediments to fitness progress: lack of time, lethargy, stress and willpower.

As a result of encouragement and support by friends and a newfound confidence and perseverance, Gino transformed his mindset and body, ultimately achieving some of the most competitive wins in the bodybuilding arena from 1989 through the present.

A former correction officer, bounty hunter and fitness drill instructor for the Police Academy, Gino founded Muscle in Motion in 1990, recognizing his relatable qualities and believing in the ability of any individual to embrace genetics, and overcome fears and vices to achieve reasonable fitness and health-related goals. Gino applies his expertise to assist his clients and family members, such as his sister who lost 150 pounds, to make lifestyle changes. He also volunteers his time to charities, including the annual New York City Kids' Health Day, Bette Midler Million Trees Foundation, and Special Olympics, to share his passion for health and fitness and empower others to reach their potential.

Gino possesses experience and certifications to teach self-defense, kickboxing, Crossfit, kettle bells, aerobics and TRX. He specializes in a Multi-Joint Training (MJT) system, which maximizes workout efficiency by moving more joints, which means more muscle movement, and, therefore, more calories burned. His varied background enables him to develop well-rounded training programs to maximize muscle stimulation and energy expenditure for clients endeavoring to reach a wide variety of goals. Gino's clients include competitive runners, triathletes, bodybuilders, supermodels and corporate executives, as well as the overweight, injured and aging. Clients seek Gino's assistance with injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, enhanced competitive performance, sculpting and body transformations.

He not only offers personalized training aligned with clients' objectives, but Gino also arms clients with the tools necessary to train independently and eat reasonably. Most importantly, he instills in his clients the principles of balance, dedication, prioritization, and efficiency. Gino believes that fitness is a feeling, not a level. He urges his clients to strive to feel their best, not to compete with others, to be more positive and energized, and live life more resilient and fit. He recognizes that his passion is not shared by all, but encourages his clients to adopt these fundamental attributes for a lasting commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

QUOTE:  A body at rest stays at rest. A body in motion stays in motion. (derivation of Newton's law of motion)
FUN FACT:  After spending 6 years as a Bounty Hunter chasing criminals, I now spend my time motivating my clients to chase their fitness dreams.



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