Back Pain Relief4Life , EarthFIT
By Ian Hart

Ian Hart is the Co-founder of Back Pain Relief4Life: The World's Simplest And Most Effective Way To Eliminate Back Pain... Fast And Naturally, Without The Need For Fancy Equipment, Medications Or Surgery. Ian has been featured in Men's Health Magazine - as an "Expert Veteran Trainer"; he and his program have also been featured SELF magazine; on NY1 News; FOX; and the CBS network. He has also been quoted in OK! magazine. Ian's own creation, EarthFIT Personal Training facility, a premiere fitness and personal training studio in Beaufort SC, has expanded 4 times in only 3 years and continues to grow. Ian has been in sports and fitness his whole life, but at one point after college he decided to try working a "regular" job at a finance corporation. In just a few short months, he realized that the 9-to-5 grind was not for him.

He opted to leave the financial industry for military service when he was accepted to Officer Candidate School for the Marine Corps. There, he graduated with a certificate for superior physical performance, however, still feeling like he had a different calling, declined his commission. It was his passion for fitness that gave him his true direction in life, and when Ian decided to try his hand at personal training, he quickly discovered that this is what he was made for. He started out at one of the industry's top producing personal training companies in the world with a base out of NYC, and in 3 short months Ian became the #2 personal trainer out of over 1,000 others in the company worldwide.

Before long, Ian was managing Personal Training departments for large corporate gyms in NYC where he would he would hire, educate, motivate and lead personal trainers to success. After years in the trenches Ian realized that he had an entrepreneurial spirit, and decided that the time was right to improve what the industry had to offer. Ian has undoubtedly found fulfillment in his niche utilizing his fitness facilities as an avenue to help the masses suffering from back pain (using the Back Pain Relief4Life formula) as well as those trying to attain optimal health through a holistic approach.

QUOTE:  "If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don't you will find and excuse" - Jim Rohn
FUN FACT:  Ian set a goal to win the Men's Health Urbanathalon but 2 weeks prior he contracted pneumonia, unbeknown to him at the time. Given Ian's determination and never give up attitude, he still ran the race finishing in the top 10%... but learning a tough lesson: never run a race while sick; health is the most important thing we've got!



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