By Ilaria Malvezzi

Ilaria Malvezzi is a former contemporary dancer. She was born in the countryside of northern Italy. Her passion for movement and body dynamics inspired her to study and dance with internationally-acclaimed master teachers and choreographers.

Ilaria moved to New York in 2005 where she pursued studies in exercise physiology and health science. She became a certified personal trainer (NSCA) and NY State licensed massage therapist (specialized in sport-medical massage). She worked in various private fitness studios, physical therapist offices and wellness centers.

Today she dedicates her work to her private clients and she recently started to teach Movenze workshops in NYC and in Italy. Dance is still her source of inspiration and challenge; it continues to intrigue her and drive her interest in the human body, its performance and its boundless potential and talent.

She firmly believes in the unlimited abilities of the human body to create shapes, form beautiful and fine lines and express beauty, strength and wellness in a harmonious and flowing dynamic.

QUOTE:  Trust and mind your body.
FUN FACT:  Two years ago I became a mom of two beautiful angels, my twins, Mia and Alessio. I have been under their magic spell since then. They speak English, Italian and their own secret dialect.



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