Body at Best
By Karen Giacomantonio

I have been personally training clients in their homes for the last 15 years. I cater individual programs to a vast demographic of fitness levels and health related scenarios. In developing a personal relationship with me clients, they have a sense of accountability to me just as I feel committed to them in helping them to achieve their goals. I conduct Boot Camp style work-outs outdoors which incorporate hill sprints, plyometrics, kettle bells, band resistance and body weight exercise such as lunges, push-ups and squats.

I am a certified spin instructor and teach 45 minute and one hour classes several days a week. The members of my class are committed as well as regular participants and feel a sense of camaraderie each week and encourage one another to work as hard and possible in an energy charged environment. We share a "We are all in this together" attitude. I am also a certified massage therapist for the NY Jets. I work with the players several days a week during pre-season and during the football season. Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland Certified Spin Instructor & Certified Massage Therapist.

FUN FACT:  Some of my fondest memories of my youth (ages 10 through 17) were showing sheep every summer at the county fair through my local 4-H organization.



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