Determined Body
By Karim Baylor

Today you could call him a cardio enthusiast and a major advocate of strength training, although growing up Karim struggled with health and fitness. As a kid, bad eating habits set him up for what is now a very prevalent problem in today's society: progressive weight gain. Early on, his lifestyle consisted of overeating coupled with inactivity, and these poor habits continued until his late teens.

Karim's mom was the inspiration behind his first steps towards a healthy lifestyle by introducing him to a balanced diet in high school. Fortunately, her efforts had an immediate effect. By blending both school athletics and healthy eating, his weight began to drop. However, during the summer months Karim reverted back to overeating, and thus began the pattern of yo-yo dieting.

It wasn't until his freshman year of college when he recognized that he had to resolve a serious health problem. His weight had soared to a staggering 257lbs, sparking him to think deeply about his long-term health. This was his "aha moment" and one of the many factors that motivated Karim to make a complete life change. Over a span of 4 years, he was able to lose 87lbs by committing to a consistent workout and diet plan, which he continues to follow today.

After graduating from Johnson and Wales University (Miami), Karim knew that he wanted to utilize his experience and passion for health and fitness to help others. Therefore, he became a personal trainer. By combining his direct weight loss experience with his extensive knowledge of fitness programming, Karim provides his clients with his "Determined Body" approach to fitness. His main programming involves strength and conditioning techniques. His experience on high school and college teams created a strong base for the workouts he creates today.

Karim became a personal trainer in 2010 at Equinox. He has helped countless individuals achieve major fitness goals by always driving home the importance of consistency and determination. He has worked with a wide range of clientele, ranging from competitive athletes, business professionals, families, and "brides to be."

Karim was featured in the June 2011 edition of Men's Health magazine, "Belly Off" section, where he talks about his weight loss story, fitness routine, and healthy eating. He has also completed the 2011 and 2012 New York City Mens Health Urbanathlon races.

  • Education and Training Certification
  • B.S. in Sports Entertainment and Event Management from Johnson & Wales University (Miami)
  • Personal Training Certification with N.C.S.F
QUOTE:  Never Give Up
FUN FACT:  Karim put on more than the regular Freshman 15 in his first months in college. After a long stare at his scale he asked a good friend to go to the gym with him for some support. That one workout changed everything.



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