The 2xONE Method
By Liz DiAlto
Los Angeles, CA
"Movement is the most underrated path to freedom."
Women’s body & soul coach, speaker, and writer, Liz DiAlto is on a mission to help millions across the globe fall in love with their bodies and connect to their higher selves through movement.

She is the founder of Wild Soul Movement (formerly known as The 2xONE Method) which is a 50 minute movement experience incorporating sensual movement, mantra, and meditation.

She is also the founder of the Soul Movement Salon, a thriving private Facebook community where women come together to have transparent conversations about all things body, mind and soul.

Liz has been featured in SELF Magazine, Marie Claire, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post and made's Top 30 Motivators for 2013 alongside Jillian Michaels, Tim Ferriss, Dr Oz and more.
Liz loves salsa dancing, the beach, books, traveling, red wine, Meyers-Briggs (she’s an ENFJ) and all things coconut. Her favorite quote is, "I speak two languages, body and English" - Mae West


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  • Amy Clover at 11:44 am on 7.17.14
    I LOVE Liz! So much fire in that little package!
  • Stacia Hood at 12:04 pm on 7.15.14
    Liz is a powerhouse who exemplifies FIT in every dimension of her life. Her vivacious energy is contagious!
  • Blythe Alpern at 9:53 pm on 7.14.14
    Liz is awesome. Her workouts are invigorating and fun.
  • Mel B at 8:26 pm on 7.14.14
    Love her workouts!
  • Emma Morales at 7:07 pm on 7.14.14
    Excellent job Liz, loved it:)



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