Cardio Mission
By Louis Coraggio
With over a decade in the fitness industry, Louis Coraggio has touched thousands of lives thus far and is determined to reach countless more. A personal trainer stationed in New York City with a multi-faceted approach to achieving optimal health, the label “personal trainer” barely scratches the surface of what characterizes this innovative leader. Unshakably devoted to the mission of putting people in motion and guiding them toward self-actualization, Coraggio stepped up his efforts by creating Cardio Mission, a class and audio files that add fun and increased focus to exercise programs. A graduate of Adelphi University with a degree in Exercise Science, Louis integrates his academic knowledge and years of experience working with celebrity clients who desire fun and creative programs with serious results.
QUOTE:  Make it possible. Stay focused.
FUN FACT:  Cardio Mission was created after I worked with Shaun T, creator of Insanity work out. I warmed up his class and learned more about Insanity. I wasn't doing much cardio myself at the time. It inspired me to create Cardio Mission.



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