Nick Wright Body Building
By Nick Wright

I am 21 years old and a Natural competitive athlete. I have been involved in competitive bodybuilding since 15 years old. As a freshmen I weighed 104lbs with 11" arms and began bodybuilding that year in 2006. I did my first show at 15 winning 2nd in teens and continued undefeated 4 in a row while placing as high as 2nd in the mens division up until 18 when I finally became sponsored. At 19 I became runner-up Natural Teen Mr. Olympia and am currently sponsored by RTN, Cellucor, and Hunt-Fitness while affiliating with a few other companies. At 19 I also became the first Drug-Test Teen Bodybuilder to ever land the cover of a magazine. My first cover being with World Physique Magazine, Spring 2011 (

I began posting footage of my shows up on youtube and started interacting with viewers once I noticed views and subscribers picking up. I now host a 8 million view video series world-wide under payroll contract with Youtube and Google all about spreading the sport and lifestyle of bodybuilding out into the mainstream! I now have fan pages which have developed into a full clothing line and continuing huge success everyday!



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