Permanent Back Pain Solutions
By Patrick Doherty

Raised in a small town in Long Island, I grew up placing a tremendous amount of energy into my athletics and work life. By the time I had turned 20, my over exertions had caught up to me and I began suffering severe lower back pain, which led to other symptoms such as depression and insomnia. The years of wrestling, lacrosse, football, caddying, and bar backing had taken a toll on my body and I was diagnosed with two herniated disks, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal column), and arthritis in the lumbar spinal region. My options were to undergo a spinal fusion or permanently take pain medication. However, I overlooked both and decided once I graduated college I would take steps to completely rehabilitate my body with nothing but utilization of different fitness areas. After graduation with a $160,000 student loan from the government, I tossed my economics degree to the side and began working in a physical therapy office to understand the fundamentals of exercise and rehabilitation. From there, I entered the next level of fitness; traditional weight training, where I began creating exercises that simulated everyday life movements that induced or exacerbated back pain. Additionally I realized the exercise program was not sufficient so I incorporated meditation into stretching and massage techniques in order to fully relax the muscles that tend to easily tighten up when a back injury is present.

QUOTE:  "Courage is like a muscle, it is strengthened by use." - Ruth Gordon
FUN FACT:  I once helped a Vietnam War Veteran lose his 25 year gimp when walking stairs in 15 minutes.



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