By Trish Van Buren
Creator and Master Trainer of HipHotic®, Trish Van Buren has worked for almost 10 years as a popular certified personal trainer (NASM) and group fitness instructor (AFAA) in New York. After discovering an impulsive addiction to experimenting with a dance and strength training combo workout, Van Buren lost over 100lbs within a little over a year in 2001 through what is now known as the self-acclaimed HipHotic® Revolutionary Workout System. Van Buren has been teaching HipHotic® throughout the East Coast in the Tri-State area since 2003 with hundreds of success stories under her instruction. The System works and is undisputable. If you are ready for a mental, physical, and spiritual transformation, "LET'S GET IT!!" Van Buren says. Van Buren has a mission to help 1 million participants become success stories through the HipHotic® system. I strive for continued excellence in performance and RESULTS!
QUOTE:  Lets Get It!
FUN FACT:  I love the escape that staring at open water brings me. I also enjoy driving fast cars, riding horses, listening to good music, going to plays and art galleries, reading in the park, watching some rea



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