GFA Fitness (GFA 100)
By Amanda Kelly
Dracut, MA
"Life is a Journey, Travel it Strong"
Amanda is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group X Instructor, Certified Bootcamp, Kickbox & Youth Fitness Instructor. She is also a Fitness Professional for online videos for and and owns and operates her own fitness studio GFA Fitness.

I'm a Mother of two beautiful young boys and the wife of a fantastic husband. The health of my family is very important and that is why living a fit and healthy lifestyle is the only way for us to live.
I understand the challenges of juggling family, work, health and Fitness and I know it is not an easy task, but I also know it can be done and if I can do it, anyone can do it! I believe keeping myself healthy and strong is the best thing I can do for my family. It's about feeling your best and keeping yourself active and healthy for all those you care about and yourself.
I am one of 8 Children and have 18 Nieces and Nephews! I also can't whistle, not for lack of trying! I have a local fitness show on my cable access TV station in my town.


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  • Aimee Golen at 2:21 pm on 10.01.14
    Amanda Rocks!! She deserves this!!! Go GFA100 and Amanda!!!
  • Alison Hoffman at 11:22 am on 10.01.14
    Amanda kelly really has helped me to keep going never give up and prove to myself I can really do anything I truly want to do if I just keep trying she really cares about her clients and helps them no matter what with whatever they need to achieve their goals she truly has been the only person that has been able to motivate me i never could get myself to a gym or was comfortable with working out until I met Amanda !! :)
  • Colene Glennon at 11:14 am on 10.01.14
  • Christine Baratta at 11:12 am on 10.01.14
    Amanda is the best!
  • Silvana Souza at 10:27 am on 10.01.14
    Good luck! You deserve to be the winner!



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