By Chelsey
New York, NY
"Discipline yields glory"
Peanut has spent much of her young adulthood helping others get into shape and gain confidence. Taking pride in the science and research behind fitness and exercise, she holds a B.S. degree in Kinesiology, Fitness Studies, from Penn State University.

After college graduation, Peanut took on the Big Apple and trained for the famous, David Barton Gym and Nike. With her Italian roots and love of cooking, Peanut enrolled in New York's International Culinary Center Italian chef program. During culinary school, Peanut studied abroad in Italy for 6 months where she also had the opportunity to train for Nike Italia in Milan.

Since Peanut's recent return from Italy, she has continued her position as a Nike Elite Trainer. The majority of her time is spent privately training clients and conducting exclusive chef services.

FIGO is a lifestyle brand and a result of Peanut's fitness and chef experiences. She is inspired by the Italian lifestyle, noticing that their culture allows them to stay fairly lean. They walk and move their bodies each day. Food portions are moderate and quality takes precedence over quantity. With FIGO meaning "cool" in Italian slang, she wanted to bring forth a little piece of Italy in her brand.

Being FIGO means no need to spend hours at the gym and counting every calorie. Pick your head up and live your life without regrets!
Peanut was a champion boxer on the Penn State Boxing team in college. She still conducts boxing workouts for herself and clients. When not kicking butt in the gym, you can find Peanut singing and dancing in the kitchen (often times to Def Leppard).


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  • Brittney Bartling at 1:46 pm on 8.19.14
  • Nicole Fussell at 9:23 pm on 8.15.14
    Chelsey is the BEST TRAINER!!! Very motivating and encouraging - voting from Georgia!
  • Owen Hannah at 10:36 pm on 8.14.14
    I love this young lady's energy. You have my vote!
  • Leah Strocko at 10:02 pm on 8.14.14
    Yes Chelsey Babe!!! I love you, of course you have my vote! Such a great example of a figo lifestyle :)))) FIT FIT FIT!!! #TeamPeanut
  • Michelle Reed at 12:51 pm on 8.13.14
    Please Keep voting for "Peanut"! Go Chels! U deserve this!



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