By Danielle Wechsler
New York, NY
"Everyday is a new opportunity to achieve something great"
Danielle is a highly energetic, extremely motivated personal trainer to the pros. Through challenges and experience, Danielle has learned that with a positive attitude pure determination, you can accomplish anything. Believing in the phrase become your dream, Danielle leads with the passion to motivate, and inspire others to get results while having fun.

Danielle is motivated by a challenge and owes obstacles in her life to her success today. Her passion, drive and determination were put to the test when she tore her ACL and meniscus not once, but twice during her D-1 cheering career at Syracuse University. A career ending injury to some, Danielle knew that she would not let anything stop her. If she listened to the doctors, she would have been in surgery again. If she listened to her coaches, her career would have been over. Instead, she listened to herself and found that she has what it takes! A triathlete, winner of fitness competitions and D-1 athlete, there are no limits!

This young entrepreneur has been involved with fitness all her life and has proved with hard work, dedication and a dream, there is no stopping her. Turning passion into reality, Danielle launched cheerFIT with big ambitions to innovate, motivate and inspire.

Developing custom fitness programs for cheerleader and fitness enthusiasts, cheerFIT combines personal experience, passion, and knowledge in a way that can't be matched! Just wait and see what cheerFIT has in store for you next!


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