Beyond Fitness
By Danny
Bellmore, NY
Train to Live!
Danny Fakih is an Actor and Personal Fitness Trainer from Long Island New York.

"I love to push myself and to try new things. That's why I have a ton of certifications. I train in every aspect of fitness. Bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga, Crossfit, you name it I've probably done it."

Danny holds a Master's degree in Communication Arts (special focus on Film production) and a number of other Fitness Certifications such as; Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, & Integrated Flexibility Specialist.

"My view on exercise is to be a superhero. Superheros not only look amazing, but are strong, fast and flexible; so in order for a normal person to achieve that without special powers, we have to train in all of those areas."

Danny's passion for fitness started as a child growing up with the Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. He started taking Karate classes as a kid, then moved into weight lifting by the time he reached high school.

"After I graduated college with my bachelors degree, I was lost as to what direction my life would take. I didn't realize at the time but I already was training in some way. My friends with no gym experience asked me to help them get in shape so they used to tag along with my workouts. After I gave that a fair bit of thought I researched personal training certifications and started working at a local gym."

Danny's first passion is Acting but fitness is part of his everyday life.

"As an Actor, I love to play physical roles, fight scenes and do some stunt work, so its very important to not only look good but perform as well."

Danny now represents Beyond Fitness, a private personal training studio located in Bellmore New York.

"We have all types of fancy equipment in our gym, and the traditional machines as well. Our goal is to show our clients that exercise goes 'Beyond' just looking great. You exercise to feel good, to be healthy, to be flexible and strong. This is so whatever life throws at you, you can be ready for it. We want our clients to go 'Beyond' their limits, their comfort zones. We make the workouts so tough in the gym, that anything you will experience in the outside world you can be prepared for."

"That feeling of euphoria after you just completed a workout that you didn't think you could make it through, its inspiring! Our job is to make people live better lives through exercise."
Danny is also an actor who has appeared in independent films and on Discovery ID.


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