Fitness The Wright Way LLC
By Leo Wright
New York, NY
Motivation gets you started, Habits keep you going!
I was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Brooklyn and the Bronx. At a young age I got involved in youth centers and learned amateur boxing, mixed martial arts and dance. When I was a teenager I knew I was put on this earth to motivate people in the form of fitness. I have a tremendous amount of experience developing diverse, compelling workouts at several elite gyms in the NYC area, including New York Health & Racquet Club, Crunch and Manhattan Plaza Gyms. I am passionate about fitness and have always motivated people with my energy and enthusiasm since I was a kid. I have experience with celebrity training, as I trained an upcoming band founded by Randy Jackson called "Paper Tongues" and I have also made two workout DVDs (Leo Wright's Five Borough Workout DVD - Volumes 1 & 2). I have also been involved in an on line office workout on Uba TV which provided quick ten minute office workouts and several articles have been published about my Boot Camp classes at NYHRC in the NY Times. Most recently I was involved in JetBlue's Going Green Campaign in which I warmed up approximately 2,000 people in a local park in Queens which was also covered in the newspapers. Presently you can catch my Weekend Warrior Class in Battery City Park on Saturdays at noon.
You can work your core in bed, sit up and get out of bed, don't roll out of bed in the morning. Core strength is super important!


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  • Fabiola Delice at 11:11 pm on 9.30.14
    Amazing instructor! There is nothing more motivating than progress. Thank you Sir!
  • Michelle Orange at 4:29 pm on 9.26.14
    Get it Leo...Great motivator!!!
  • Carolina at 6:32 pm on 9.23.14
    Hope you win! You are a great instructor!
  • Lauren Alexander at 5:16 pm on 9.23.14
    Leo's class was butt kicker in the best possible way today! I have been going through a rough time and his classes help me focus and drive me to move forward and not look back. Thanks for everything Leo!
  • Michelle Orange at 4:52 pm on 9.23.14
    Today class was awesome..and though I hurt my Achilles..Leo didn't let up on me but pushed but showed me how to modify and keep heart rate up. That is a great instructor!!!



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