Ferra Fitness
By Gennaro Ferra
New York, NY
'From Recklessness Springs Grace'
Gennaro Ferra is one of the world's most symmetrical and defined natural physique stars. He has been in the business of transforming better bodies for over twenty five years, and is known as the 'trainer to the trainers' having mentored and coached many successful fitness professionals. He is a former NABBA Mr. Australia and Mr. Universe finalist and was one of the first athletes to represent Australia as a World Natural Professional Bodybuilder.

Gennaro has appeared in and written for numerous health and fitness magazines throughout the world (see media) and has over 25 years of experience as a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coach in Europe, Australia, and the United States. His clientele include CEO's, celebrities, professional athletes, seniors, moms, dads, young adults and many others who have achieved greater personal and professional success as a result of his signature fitness programs. Gennaro is renowned for his mastery in exercise technique, intensity and variety and has developed a unique, balanced and efficient system of fitness training that guarantees you results safely and effectively.
Gennaro speaks Italian with an Australian accent with a New York flavor.


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