By Jason Schlaffer
Newton, NJ
"Exercise is a science, education and consistency is the key to achieving your goals. Most importantly, you must generate a potential for change today and you’ll be closer to those goals tomorrow."
I am a medically trained personal fitness professional, creator of ExerVolve, and owner of The Compound. Through my experience and close association with doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, physical therapists, and orthopedic surgeons I have developed ExerVolve in attempts to provide people all over the world with the guidance and coaching that I provide for my clients on a daily basis. I have dedicated my life to health and wellness, thus far in my career I have provided a wide array of services ranging from lectures on diet and nutrition for schools and businesses, published health and fitness articles, created and implemented exercise programs for rehabilitation centers, sport teams, schools and wellness centers as well as for individuals from all walks of life. I have worked at length with hundreds of clients ranging from elite athletes to cognitively impaired individuals, any age, any ability level, when it comes to health and fitness I am well equipped to work with anyone and everyone. ExerVolve is the culmination of all my knowledge and experience I have obtained through my wide scope of work in the health and fitness industry.

In addition to The Compound, I have developed an iOs platform app, ExerVolve, which has recently gone international in seven countries. This cutting edge app constructed for use on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch gives you everything you need to achieve your fitness goals in the palm of your hand. ExerVolve’s virtual assessment software creates a workout routine specifically tailored to help you start working out safely and track and analyze your fitness progression.

The first of its kind. ExerVolve asks detailed questions to precisely determine your current fitness level and ability, then uses this information to create a routine tailored to meet your needs. ExerVolve will also track your fitness progression to ensure you reach your fitness goals. ExerVolve creates routines for you using the equipment which you identify is available to you. (and only provides exercises that are safe for you regarding past injuries and existing conditions)
Before I opened my own gym, ExerVolve, I was the Strength Coach at Drew University and a competitive runner.


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