Shine Your Light with Jewels Bertrand
By Jewels Bertrand
Marina del Rey, CA
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
I help you reclaim your physical and personal power to live the life of your dreams. I use practical, powerful tools to help you unleash the spiritual warrior within you. With your life, dreams, patterns, frustrations and goals considered, we will create a personal power system that will see you through hard times, help launch you to new heights and keep you in good health and wellbeing when all is running smoothly.

As a former NYC advertising exec, I know what it's like to become consumed with work. To neglect your body because you simply don't have time. It was at the height of my career that my father died. I sat in my Manhattan apartment in tears and thought, "What does any of this mean?" I was grief stricken, stressed out to the max with work, constantly sick and unhealthy. Months after my father died, I was laid off from my job. It was my divine storm. That's when I left the city for India on my yoga journey.

Today, I reside in Los Angeles and help others to empower themselves. To eat healthy, to nourish their bodies and soul. I am grateful for my divine storm, because without it, I would not be in the healthy space that I am. Unleash your power!!! Shine on, Jewels
I'm in a Rolling Stones video for a whole "hot' second.


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