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By Maurice Christovale
New York, NY
-Health is Wealth-
I have been a Personal Trainer for the last 11 yrs, and have worked for some of the most respected brands in the industry. My passion is life and everything that promotes it. Health and fitness are life's necessary component. My inspiration comes from my clients. Regular men and woman that see the need for movement and wake up at 4:30am to put health first. I am a RKC instructor( Russian Kettelbell), Olympic Lifting and Mix Martial Arts conditioning coach and along with that I posses two international Personal Trainer Certifications. Life is a sport, be game ready!
This past year I spent 3months in Israel learning the craft of organic farming.


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  • Adinah Israel at 5:34 pm on 6.19.14
    Positive, progressive, regenerative! Challenging, empowering, doable. Maurice; through his program, strives to create in participants, what he has created in himself - SUCCESS! יה חי [God lives]
  • Carlos Padilla at 11:09 am on 6.19.14
    Maurice is a great trainer and fitness professional. Techniques and standards of fitness are probably higher then most in a good way. He is one of the most influential and hard working individuals I know. I personally have been mentored by Maurice, and have learned quite a bit. "Continue educating your self, build your fitness tool box" he use to tell me.
  • Briana Penzarella at 1:45 pm on 6.15.14
  • Briana Penzarella at 1:10 pm on 6.13.14
    Roughtly, 2-3 months ago I trained with Maurice for a one month intenseive "train for performance" when I had to compete in an endurance competetipn show held by Stone Cold Steve Austin' called "Broken Skull Ranch" said to air on CMT July 6th. Little to mine or Maurice' knowledge did we know I would be competing, one on one with female weight lifting champions! And I'm a yogi! And although I've learned great strengths from dealing purely with my own body and weight. But with maurice, never before did i feel more unstoppable and powerful as each training session progressed. In my experience with other trainers, you tire out and feel as if you can do no more and give up on yourself! But with Maurice he doesn't give up you so you shouldn't give up on yourself either! You learn how to harness that fatigue by being more meticulous in your movements instead of doing as much as you can as fast as you can. Form is everything and without that its just an empty workout. He challenges you only to empower what you REALLY ARE CAPABLE OF!! :)
  • Ymane Stoury at 8:11 pm on 4.17.14
    Maurice is the epitome of a Leader. A fitness professional is minimal to his techniques and standards. He is one of the most positive, influential and hard working individuals I have ever met. He makes my job exciting and helps me lead the team with passion and diligence. There is no task Maurice will not handle with professionalism, detail and pure high quality execution! I'm lucky to have him as a Mentor and leader of my team and Club. He sees the future like no other and he is destined for great things!



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