VR20™: Visible Results
By norma lowe
New York, NY
Fitness is a never-ending journey: I'll show you the most interesting route and fun itinerary
Norma Lowe, Fitness Expert, Author, Teacher, Nutritional Coach, NASM CPT, MA., has been changing physiques since 1997. While earning her Masters at Columbia University, she trained herself with the result that people of all stripes approached her with their fitness queries.This led to an appearance on BET's "Heart and Soul": Abdominals special.The blog continues the abs -education:
She became a Pro-Natural Bodybuilder and Fitness Professional and began developping classes in the BodyTone series to meet the needs of her clients. Norma's training programs encompass the Sports specific, to Pre and Post Natal, to everything in between. She stresses however, that these are tools that she chooses among to get the desired results. A movement specialist, she is unique in naming her programs by their biomechanical ID, cutting, jumping, lunging, squatting, rotating..., in order to show the primacy of the Chain Reaction in functional exercise. VR20™ means visible results in 20 sessions, with homework. Norma's entire life experience has led to the branding of this BAMM™ ethos: Clients go through three stages: Belief, Action and Motivation to maintain the visible results.
Was a Playboy Bunny in Nassau Bahamas, while a Teacher's College student.


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  • Samuel Jemal at 11:10 am on 7.01.14
    the best trainer i ever had. couldnt do a pull up till i met her
  • Skyy Madyun at 8:44 am on 7.01.14
    Norma is the best trainer! In always get results when I train with her. Norma rocks! 🎯
  • Noel Mancini at 8:38 pm on 6.30.14
    Norma is a fitness expert and motivator!
  • Ed Carroll at 8:35 pm on 6.30.14
    Work it!!
  • Gabriel Pozo at 8:33 pm on 6.30.14
    Norma is authentic in her training style and creative in marketing her workouts! Good job, Norma!



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