Paolina Pilates
By Paolina Weber
New York, NY
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Paolina is one of the most in demand Pilates Instructors in New York. She has a huge group fitness following and privately, Paolina’s clients have included people recovering from hip replacement surgery and ACL repair, as well as those with osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, mitral valve prolapse, shoulder injuries, bursitis and tendonitis.

Deeply sensitive to others, she has a profound ability to inspire her clients toward greater self acceptance and self actualization. She has helped clients with a BMI of 32% drop to 24%. She has motivated Post Partum women fit into their pre pregnancy clothes in three weeks and she has designed fitness programs for clients confronting immunological diseases.

Her brand reflects the passion she has for edginess and the underground. She grew up surrounded by famous artists in NYC, and this openness to differences and outsiders makes her eager to break all fitness paradigms. Her goal is to do a fitness program with transgender people, and to help raise awareness that beauty is not about fitness, it is about the courage to embody your higher self.
She is a mom who misses her dogs. But her greatest joy is raising her kids. And she loves going to Tuscany.


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