By Phyl London
Boston, MA
"Embrace Your Weaker Side"
Phyl London, Level IV Master Trainer specializing in Pilates and Group Exercise Instruction, is the creator of Bodiphy, a 55 minute session created to strengthen, tone, and lengthen the muscles using creative movements that challenge the entire body. London holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts and an Master of Arts in Education from the University of Connecticut.
She is the Winner of Season II Fit or Flop, America's Next Best Fitness Star, PFP Finalist for Personal Trainer of the Year, an Ambassador for Prismsport Fashion Wear and former Reebok Global Trainer and model.
Phyl London has been teaching essential, intermediate, and advanced Pilates to hundreds of women since 2002. She incorporates her expertise in Pilates into a Bodiphy by using a unique fusion of Pilates and Strength training to help her clients achieve their fitness goals. Bodiphy focuses on core strength for the first 25 minutes followed by 30 minutes of vertical exercises targeted at maximizing muscle activation, including the smaller muscles in our bodies that rarely get enough attention.
Phyl encourages her clients to live a healthy lifestyle through moderate exercise, mindful eating, and ample rest for muscle recovery. She believes one of the most important aspects of being fit and seeing long-term results is to listen to your body—train smarter, not harder.
London’s certifications include: ACSM Health/Fitness Specialist, ACSM Advanced Nutrition, AFAA Group Exercise & STEP, VCore® and VCore® Instructor Trainer, ViPR, TRX, and she trains STOTT Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel, and Chair.
I was the lead in my Jazz Show Choir High School Group (my own Glee Project)


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  • Sarrah Golombek at 3:31 pm on 1.06.14
    By far, Phyl is the best thing that has 'physically' happened to my fitness regime. A no-nonsense, unparalleled intelligent approach to training. Phyl truly has you working smarter not harder in every class with combo moves that target those small stabilizing muscles that are so difficult to get to. Phyl transformed my post-partum (injured) body in 3 months and has me spending less time than I ever imagined possible at the gym!



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