NYC Fitness Addict (Thermal Fitness)
By Roody Dallemand
New York, NY
"Life is one tough workout. Are you fit enough to endure?" -R
Roody Dallemand is a Fitness Specialist who considers all aspects of fitness into his training style and approach. In addition to training, Roody is a M.A.T. Specialist and is part of a wellness team that is comprised of Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and a Physiatrist. Roody is an athlete and fitness enthusiast. Roody is constantly pushing his body to the limits and currently trains at Renzo Gracie Academy for Mixed Martial Arts. He cross-trains 5 days each week, which keeps him fit and helps him relate to his clients who also train hard.• High Intensity Training
• Power Lifting
• Kettlebell Training
• Pre-/Postnatal Training
• Circuit Training
• Suspension (TRX) Training
• Corrective Exercise
• (MAT) Muscle Activation Technique
• Weight Management
• Nutrition Counseling
• Sport-Specific Training
• Foot and Running Gait Analysis
• Postural Realignment
• Neck and Lower-back Pain Management
• Sports Injury Rehab
• Muscle Balance

Roody’s clients come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, fitness histories, current fitness practices, and goals. Athletes, corporate and entertainment professionals, entrepreneurs, actors, mothers-to-be, and students are amongst those who seek his expertise. What they all have in common is a desire to improve their fitness, health, and overall well-being—as well as a love for working with Roody.

Roody holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from Brooklyn College (CUNY) and maintains the top certifications in the field.


• A.C.S.M - Health Fitness Specialist
• M.A.T. - Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
• K.B.C - Kettlebell Instructor
• T.R.X. Suspension Training
• CPR - American Red Cross
I live and breath fitness! I'm destined to master my craft.


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