R3 Body Method
By Sarge & Joy Brown
Naples, FL
"Gaining Beauty, While Losing Booty," "Gaining Strut, While Losing Your Gut"
Boot Camp trainers Sarge and Joy has taken clients from flab to fab in 4 weeks by focusing on the three components Reverse, Retrain, and Rebuilding your Body and Mind (R3). --

My background comes from 26 years of US Army both active duty and reserves. When 10 years ago wife Joy also a Certified Personal Trainer. --
Joy background comes from watching her mom start an Aerobic studio when it was not yet popular and gained so much passion for helping people get fit.-- Joy has also wrote a book called R3 Diet - The complete diet to better eating and living.

R3 was created out of working with 1000's of clients to not only achieve their goals but change their lives in so many other areas.--

You need nothing but your body and your creative mind for adventure. You will experience fitness by using everything but the kitchen sink but if we have one available we will use it. --

Fitness is not what you do it is what you think. Start living and begin by Reverse, Retrain and Rebuilding (R3) for life.
95% of all people who start out with a trainer will live their trainer after 30 days.


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