rockstarr strength + stretch
By Shannon Starr Mostafiz
New York, NY
"You can only see what you believe—nothing else is possible" - Byron Katie
Shannon is a proactive health enthusiast who has been working in the fitness industry for over six years. She previously worked as a personal trainer at Equinox Fitness Club and presently is teaching a variety of group fitness classes throughout NYC. She is a certified yoga instructor
through Forrest yoga and a certified personal trainer through EFTI. Shannon has taught classes such as cardio kickboxing, strength and endurance training, interval training, Forrest yoga and yoga for athletes. Shannon applies the most progressive training techniques creating sustainable physical and personal growth. Shannon's playful personality, love for intensity, and comprehensive understanding of fitness allows her to create an energizing and challenging class.

Shannon received her B.A. in Communications from Maharashi University of Management where she spearheaded the first fitness classes at the university. She is also currently in school pursuing a second degree in nursing. In addition to expanding her education, Shannon is interested in the holistic undertones of human physiology and alternative healing modalities such as nutrition, somatic psychology, meditation, and transformational coaching.


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  • Sheri Barg at 7:07 pm on 3.31.14
    Shannon you are more impressive in person. You radiate and others are drawn to you plus you are a fantastic trainer and beautiful person.
  • Kyra Warick at 6:55 pm on 3.31.14
    Shannon, you are the BEST
  • Edwardo Billingo at 6:33 pm on 3.31.14
    Shannon is just Great!
  • Teri Bransky at 6:21 pm on 3.31.14
    Shannon brings a lot of fun and skills to the classes. She is great!
  • Tara Bartlett at 6:04 pm on 3.31.14
    Shannon is so amazing, she is the best trainer



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