Bounce Bootcamp
By Victor Cabezas
Long Island City, NY
Believe in yourself, train hard and stay active for life!
I have always believed in exercise since I was a kid and started weight training and got into sports early on. After 2 years in the Marine Corps, I became a certified aerobics instructor in August 1987 and never looked back. Lucky to find my passion for fitness and music and use them for all my students over the years. I have been voted best instructor in New York magazine and instructor of the year with the New York Health and Racquet Clubs. I love the connection I make with all my students old and new, and I have some students that have been enjoying my classes for over 20 years. I am a young, fit 46 year old and will continue my life in the industry for as long as possible.
I'm also a drummer and a DJ, Love karaoke!


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  • Maura Drury at 12:29 am on 6.30.14
  • Karin Gargiulo at 12:43 am on 6.29.14
    Go Vic!!
  • Evelyn Moyano at 2:24 pm on 6.26.14
    Truly dedicated to the fitness world!! Go Vic!!
  • Miriam Cabezas at 8:08 am on 6.26.14
    A fitness experience that is full of fun, power and great results are the standard in Vic's classes.
  • April Riegler at 10:05 am on 6.25.14



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